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Sunday Morning Discipleship

Sunday Morning Discipleship
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Early Morning Sunday Bible Study, 7:15 am

September 16 - November 18, 2018
Facilitators: Jean Wahlstrom and Marvin Kananen
7:15 am, 322/Conference Room
Journey with us through the book of AMOS this fall at the 7:15 am Sunday morning Bible Study. The prophet Amos brought a message of responsibility in an affluent time. This ten-week unit will cover the nine-chapter book. Coffee and light refreshments will be provided. Join us - we learn together.


Discipleship Hour, 9:45 am (unless otherwise noted)
September 23 and September 30
Digging into Mission in Bellevue

Presenter: Pastor James McEachran
September 23
Pastor McEachran will work through the call and mandate of Jesus and the earliest Church in mission through the lens of the New Testament and the witness of the Early Church. Teachings from Scripture and the writings of the earliest Church in spreading the Gospel.
September 30
Mission on the I-90 Corridor. Through his work with the City of Bellevue, Pastor McEachran will share 12 insights into what it will mean for Saint Andrew’s through the growth and development of Bellevue. He served on the Human Services Commission for 10 years, was one of 15 who developed the City Council Plan for affordable housing, and was a member of the Wilburton Citizen’s Advisory Committee that built the plan for the development of the last neighborhood in Bellevue.
September 23 and September 30
Stepping into the Bible
     (Faith Stepping Stones for Parents of Third and Fourth Graders)

Facilitator: Lois Nelson, Kari Henderson
The first session will be a parent-child workshop, led by teachers Sarah Shaw Newsum and Nona Gram, on using the Bibles which will be presented on Sunday, September 23, at the 8:30 am worship service. The Bibles are a gift of the Faith Stepping Stones Ministry on behalf of the congregation.
The second session on September 30, led by Pastor Drew Yoos, includes a brief study of the life of Martin Luther and a discussion of our basic Lutheran beliefs. The third and fourth grade students will be studying Luther’s life during this year.
October 7
Vision Initiative
Presenters: Vision Initiative Team
Two Visioning Workshops were held in July. There was great participation at both workshops. A lot of excellent discussions were had, and ideas were shared. An abundance of data and input was collected. Thank you for your participation and input!
Since the workshops, the Vision Team has been very busy. They have been correlating the data and working on synthesizing clear, concise statements that captures your concepts. The team continues to meet weekly. This process takes time. We want it done well.
On Sunday, October 7, during Discipleship Hour, the team will share the results of the first two workshops for your review and feedback.
Then on Sunday, October 14, after the 11:00 service, we will have a third workshop. This workshop will be on our values – why we do what we do. This workshop will be from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm. A light lunch and child care will be provided.
Mark you calendars. We will see you at these events.
October 7, October 14
Stepping into the Stories
     (Faith Stepping Stones for Parents of Kindergarteners)

Facilitator: Lois Nelson, Kari Henderson
The first session on October 7 is for parents only, and focuses on the academic aspect of academic and social requirements of school. Kari Henderson will lead this discussion.
Session 2 on October 14 is for children and parents. We will be making prayer boxes together and talk about praying with the children.
Kindergarten students will be blessed and presented with a Story Bible on Sunday, October 14, at the 11:00 am worship service.
October 14
Is God a Football Fan?

Presenter: Pastor Drew Yoos
Pastor Drew will talk about how the intersections of football and religion, the ethical implications of watching football, and we’ll wonder together who God’s favorite football teams might be.
October 21
Emergency Drill

Facilitator: Building and Property Committee
Our Emergency Operations Plan calls for yearly drills to practice responses to emergency situations. 
There will be an after-church training and discussion seminar about the drill on Sunday, October 7, at 12:30 pm in 301/Fellowship Hall North..
October 28
Ten Things You Need to Know about Reformation

Presenter: Pastor James McEachran
Spend Reformation Sunday with Pastor McEachran looking back at the Reformation and ahead as we celebrate its 501st anniversary.
Schedule of Faith Stepping Stones Classes for 2018-2019 

Video and Audio Recordings of Classes
The Communications Committee records video of Sunday adult discipleship classes.
Recordings are available online for approximately four weeks following the class. 
     May 20 - "Building a Worship Service" with Pastor McEachran-Video
     May 20 - "Building a Worship Service" with Pastor McEachran-Audio
     September 9 - "Website Demonstration" - recording not available
     September 16 - "Digging into Transition in the Ministry Team"
          with Pastor Shelley Bryan Wee - coming soon!

Date to be determined
Stepping into Adulthood
     (Faith Stepping Stones for Parents of Young Adults)
Facilitators: Dr. Timothy Weber, Lois Nelson and Kari Henderson
322/Conference Room
As part of the Faith Stepping Stones ministry to parents of high school seniors and young adults, we will have sessions throughout the year with Dr. Timothy Weber. Please come to be supported as we continue to explore parenting this age group as they become increasingly independent.  
Check back for the date of the next session.